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EU Legal Research: Starting Points: News

Recommendation for BLS researchers who are using this guide off-campus: first, implement the proxy instructions [at] for access to BLS subscription databases.

EU News: Links

EU News: Subscription Databases

Lexis Advance

Content type: News > International by Region > Europe

Content type: News > under Top Publications, there are links to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (today's stories + archive) 

TIPS: To access The Wall Street Journal (Europe ed.) from Lexis' main screen search box, type: wall street journal europe in this search box and click the link.


Speclalty areas: News > International News > Europe News 

International New York Times (today’s stories + archive)

Bloomberg Law 

Path to reach Bloomberg Brief Newsletters (including Economics Europe and Hedge Funds Europe):

Browse All Content: Business Intelligence Center > Bloomberg Brief Newsletters

Path to reach European news files in Bloomberg Law:

Browse All Content: News & Analysis > News from Bloomberg Terminal News Search  

In the news search template, Regions include: Europe (also can drill down further by country) and Specialized Regions: Euro Members.  TIPS: Add a date range, try limiting Sources to: Bloomberg.

Bloomberg terminal in BLS Library (accessible to BLS faculty, students and staff) 

NI EU (European Union news)

NI EURTOP (top European stories)

NI ECB (European Central Bank news)

NI EUROWRAP (European market wrap)

NI EEURO (Roundup of European economies)

NI EMC (Eurozone members)

NI EUROSTAT (European economic statistics)


RSS Feed: Documents of the European Commission

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