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Federal Securities Law Research Guide: Home

Sources at the BLS Library for Primary and Secondary Material Related to Federal Securities Law


Black's Law Dictionary defines a security as "an interest based on an investment in a common enterprise rather than direct participation in the enterprise." To begin research into U.S. Securites Law you need to define all terms with the help of a dictionary (see examples below) and to gain an overview of the subject by consulting a study aid and/or a treatise, or read a research guide on securities law produced by a law school library.  Print and online dictionaries include:
  • Investopedia use the Dictionary tab (under Education) to find Financial Acronyms and Stock Terms

Brooklaw LibGuide Introduction

This guide is intended as a starting point for research in securities law at the Brooklyn Law School Library. It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats. It covers United States federal securities law.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Library's Reference Desk, at (718) 780-7567 or by email:

Citing Materials in this Guide

Rule 12 - Statutes  (including official and unofficial versions of the US Code, State Statutes, and Session Laws)

Rule 13 - Legislative Materials (e.g., Bills, Committee Reports, Hearing Transcripts)

Rule 14 Administrative and Executive Materials (e.g. materials from the SEC): 

  • Rule 14.2:
    • Rules and Regulations (e.g. C.F.R.)
    • Proposed rules, other notices, and comments
    • Regular reports 
  • Rule 14.3
    • Administrative Adjudications and Arbitrations

Rule 15 - Nonperiodic Materials (e.g., books, white papers, reports, manuals) 

Rule 16 - Periodic Materials (journals, newspapers, newsletters, periodic reports) 

  • Proceedings, Regular Publications by Institutes: Rule 16.7.7
  • Newsletters and other Noncommercially Distributed Periodicals: Rule 16.7.8