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Global Financial Crisis: Researching Foreign Responses: News

Database of 6,000+ News, Business & Legal Publications: LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic 

The initial web page provides an Easy Search screen which supports searching of Major U.S. and World Publications.  It also links to a Power Search page which allows searching by narrower categories, such as: Financial Times (London) Archive.  Both Easy Search and Power Search allow users to specify date restrictions, such as: Previous Year.  The initial page also links to tab: Business (company information, Dossier "create a company list" feature, Dossier "compare companies" feature, company profiles, SEC filings, accounting data and country profiles derived from BBC Monitoring: International Reports).

Financial Crisis News

BBC News, Global Recession: Aftershock + Bonus Reform: Country by Country (focus: bankers' bonuses)

Bloomberg Law,

Path: Search > News > Bloomberg News

Example: Search Query: (switzerland or swiss) and (bank! or financ!) and reform

Search type: Boolean ON

Tip: Add date restriction

Path: Search > Global Law

Example, path: > Europe > Switzerland > Regulatory and Administrative > Swiss Federal Banking Commission > News and Information

Search Query: reform

Search type: Simple ON

(Bloomberg Law database is accessible to BLS faculty, students and administrators.  Please contact Bloomberg account manager Pamela Haahr ( to obtain a username and password.)

Canadian Business Online

Search by keywords.

CBS News, Money (main page links to many stories about the financial crisis)

China Digital Times, China News Tagged with "Financial Crisis" (2008-2009)

Les (French-language economic and financial news) Business, Legal and Economic News from the European Union

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Edwin C. Skelton & Erwan Quintin, Mexico’s Año Horrible: Global Crisis Stings Economy (Third Quarter 2009), Global Financial Crisis + European Banks + UK Banks

If you cannot obtain the full-text of a story at, subscription LexisNexis provides an archive of Financial Times (London) from 1982-yesterday.  Sometimes headlines of articles are different in the LexisNexis database.  BLS librarians can help you to search for desired articles.

The New York Times & The International Herald Tribune, Business News: Global Business

Reuters, The Year Since Lehman: Times of Crisis (focus: U.S.)

Telegraph Media Group Ltd., Latest Financial Crisis, Banking Crisis and Credit Crunch News from the U.K. and World

The Wall Street Journal, Financial Crisis: One Year Later (focus: U.S.) + Asia Business, Finance and Political News +

Europe and EU News, Headlines, Top Stories and Current Events

If you cannot obtain the full-text of a story at the site above, subscription LexisNexis provides today's stories from, and an archive (1984-) of, The Wall Street JournalSometimes headlines of articles are different in the LexisNexis database.  BLS librarians can help you to search for desired articles.

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, CCH Financial Crisis News Centre

News by Topic: International Issues