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United States Supreme Court Research: Histories & Analysis

Researching the history, justices and opinions of the United States Supreme Court in print and online.

Supreme Court of the United States: History and Traditions (publicly accessible)

Supreme Court of the United States,

HeinOnline: U.S. Supreme Court Library (subscription)


  • U.S. Supreme Court Library > In SARA catalog record, click: ACCESS ONLINE VERSION - (HEIN).  Remote access requires use of the BLS proxy server.
    • Includes a brief history of the Supreme Court and highlights landmark cases.
    • Tab: Books on the Court includes many older historical and analytical works, such as: 
      • Basic History of the U.S. Supreme Court (1968) by Bernard Schwartz.
      • Behind Bakke: Affirmative Action and the Supreme Court (1988) by Bernard Schwartz.
      • Early History of the Federal Supreme Court (1922) by W. H. Muller.

Supreme Court Historical Society: Sources (some material is publicly accessible)

This Supreme Court Historical Society describes itself as "a private non-profit organization [that] is dedicated to the collection and preservation of the history of the Supreme Court of the United States."

Supreme Court Historical Society,

Books: History & Analysis of Specific Courts

Burger Court:

Chase Court:

Rehnquist Court:

Roberts Court:

Warren Court:

Books: Supreme Court History & Analysis

Multi-volume Histories:

Additional Books: