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U.S. Immigration Law Research Starting Points: News, Legal News & Immigration Policy Tracking

Guide created for Brooklyn Law School's Safe Harbor Project

General News

Current members of the BLS community can create individual $ & $ accounts by following instructions at: 

The New York Times topic: Immigration and Emigration

Financial Times topics: U.S. Immigration, Global Migration

$ Lexis+ > News

Politico & POLITICO (@politico) [Twitter]

Highly useful source to track recent Congressional developments re. immigration legislation.

Tracking Changes Made by the Current Presidential Administration

Immigration Policy Tracking Project, created by Professor Lucas Guttentag.

This project tracks the current status of Trump administration immigration policies. Includes a keyword search box. 

American Immigration Council, Research and Analysis includes this special report:

Tracking the Biden Agenda on Immigration Enforcement

American Immigration Lawyers Association, Research Library

Filter by type: Agencies & Liaison: FR Regs & Notices & click: Apply.  If desired, click: Sort [search results] by date 

Boundless, The State of Immigration 2022 (Feb. 23, 2022)

Federal Register (M-F "daily journal" of the U.S. federal gov't.)

Tip to find recent Presidential documents: Use Search pull-down menu to access: Advanced Search.  Find keyword: immigration + Document Category: Presidential Document.  Then, check: Joe Biden.  Includes ability to print Federal Register documents in PDF.

White House > Briefing Room > Presidential Actions

$ Westlaw Edge > Daily Presidential Documents

Tracking Comments on Proposed U.S. Federal Immigration Regulations supports submission/searching of comments on proposed U.S. federal immigration regulations.  See this site's FAQ on Commenting.

Example of a proposed rule: Procedures for Credible Fear Screening and Consideration of Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and CAT Protection Claims by Asylum Officers

Example of advance notice of proposed rulemaking to seek broad public feedback: Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility

Immigration company Boundless provides How to Submit a Public Comment to a Federal Agency.

American Immigration Lawyers Association's InfoNet Research Library (a publicly accessible site) provides AILA's comments on proposed regulations.

See: Documents by Type > Memo/Regulatory Comments

Legal News & Analysis

AILA law student membership includes access to: AILA8 (= daily immigration e-newsletter highlighting top 8 news stories)

American Immigration Lawyers Association, Daily Immigration News Clips      

$ topic: Immigration (off-campus locations other than a BLS residence: requires implementation of BLS proxy server instructions)                                                                       

$ topic: Immigration Law (off-campus locations other than a BLS residence: requires implementation of BLS proxy server instructions)     

$ Lexis+ > Practice Center > Immigration

This Lexis+ Immigration Practice Center page features immigration news from topic: Immigration Law & from Bender's Immigration Bulletin, Daily Edition (click Bender's Immigration Bulletin, Daily Edition--at top right, there are instructions to receive email notifications).

Twice per month, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. publishes Bender's Immigration Bulletin (which includes immigration news, case digests, regulations, other government documents & legal analysis of new developments).  In Lexis+ Immigration Practice Center menu item: All Secondary Sources, one can click title: Bender's Immigration Bulletin & click: "Create a Publication Alert." 

$ Westlaw Today > Practice Area > Immigration

$ Westlaw Edge > Practice Area > Immigration > Immigration Resources: Secondary Sources includes Interpreter Releases ("weekly analysis of legislative, administrative, and judicial developments related to immigration law"), Interpreter Releases Daily, Immigration Briefings ("in-depth analysis of a timely immigration law topic each month") & Fragomen Business Alerts (focus: business immigration law developments).

Tip: In $ Westlaw Edge source: Interpreter Releases, run a keyword search & click: icon of a bell to "Create WestClip Alert."       

Tip: Immigration practitioners also highlight key developments:

Immigration Lawyers Podcast (Immigration Lawyers Toolbox provides "[d]iscussions related to the Field and Practice of Immigration Law."  Podcasts include updates & interviews.)

Immigration Review ("[W]eekly [Monday] podcast of immigration case summaries and practice insights from your host, Kevin A. Gregg, a partner at the law firm Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt P.A.")   

McBean Immigration TV (LaToya McBean Pompey, Esq.discusses "the U.S. immigration system, news and changing policies.")

REDIRECT (Weekly podcast of immigration attorneys Matthew Archambeault, Esq. & Stephen Robbins, Esq. "to share unique perspectives on U.S. immigration policy and the practice of law.")