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Casebooks, Study Aids & Guides for Law School Courses & Bar Exams: Introduction

When Can BLS Students Access BLS Library?

BLS Library, 250 Joralemon Street







Study area on first floor of BLS Library, 250 Joralemon Street

When can BLS students access BLS Library?

In general: BLS students have access to the 250 Joralemon Street building from 7am–midnightBLS students are welcome to use BLS Library when the 250 Joralemon Street building is open.  

What are BLS Library's summer hours?

Summer hours (including summer holiday hours) are posted on BLS Library’s calendar and on library bulletin boards.

What are BLS Library's summer hours during the two weeks before the bar exam in July 2023?

  • Monday-Sunday: 9am-midnight

Tip: Check BLS Library’s website (box, lower right: This Week's Hours) or the monthly calendar for current hours.


This LibGuide highlights current editions of BLS Library's casebooks, study aids & guides for law school courses & bar exams.  It describes sources on: Doing Well & Being Well; Preparing for Law School Exams & Bar Exams; Administrative Law; Civil Practice & Procedure; Conflict of Laws; Constitutional Law; Contracts; Corporations & Other Business Associations; Criminal Law & Procedure; Evidence; Family Law; Professional Responsibility; Property; Sales; Secured Transactions; Torts; & Wills, Trusts & Estates.  Sources are categorized by type and are listed "newest to oldest."

Current editions of print casebooks adopted by BLS faculty & many print study aids are in BLS Library's first-floor "Reserve" collection.  Students can request these sources at BLS Library's first-floor circulation desk.  These sources circulate for two hours.  Many sources in BLS Library's Cellar-level Main collection circulate for the semester.  

Q: What are treatises, hornbooks & nutshells

A: Click here for descriptions of these study aids.

Q: What are Restatements of the Law?

A: Click here for a description of (& links to) Restatements.

Q: Can I obtain the BLS student or faculty CALI code to access CALI's open-access online legal textbooks, guides & tutorials on legal topics?  Can I receive help to access a source in this guide? 

A: Email or text 718-734-2432

Q: What is BLS Library's collection policy for acquiring study aids containing multiple-choice questions?

A: For the legal subjects covered in this LibGuide: To acquire up-to-date editions (if available) in these series: Emanuel CrunchTime; Exam Pro; Questions & Answers; & The Glannon Guide.  If these series do not cover a legal subject, librarians try to identify an alternate current source.  Print copies of these sources are in the Reserve collection.

Q: When is BLS Library open?

A: Calendar of BLS Library's Hours


  • Please reload/refresh this page to view newly added sources.
  • BLS students can access additional resources in BLSConnect > Academics > Academic Success
  • BLS students can access past exams in BLSConnect > Academics > Registrar > Exams & Grading > Exams on File