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Paper Topic Selection: International: Introduction

Sources to identify international law developments.

Tips for Brooklyn Law School (BLS) Students: Check Tables of Contents @ BrooklynWorks: Brooklyn Journal of International Law + Leverage Free Student Memberships in Bar Associations & ASIL

  • Tip for BLS students seeking to publish in Brooklyn Journal of International Law (BJIL): Check tables of contents of recently published BJIL volumes at BrooklynWorks: Brooklyn Journal of International Law + list of forthcoming BJIL articles/notes that BJIL editors can provide to you, because you cannot analyze the same law/legal issues.
  • Tips for all BLS students interested in international law:
    • American Bar Association (ABA) law student membership is free.  A law student can join five free ABA groups, for example: International Law Section.  This likely will increase a law student's access to: this Section's news, brief articles published in International Lawyer, and webinars.
      • In July 2024: International Law Section's International Legal Developments Year in Review 2023 should become available to Section members here.
    • American Society of International Law (ASIL) student membership is free for BLS students because BLS is an ASIL Academic Partner.  BLS students also can access career development resources (including a job board) and can register for free to attend ASIL's Midyear Meeting.  ASIL's student membership page states: "Students from Academic Partner Schools will have the opportunity to obtain a Discount Promo Code during the process of joining or renewing membership with the Society."
      • TIP: Click here to access recordings from many of ASIL's 2024 Annual Meeting programs.  Click the "+" to the far right of: Audio Content to view the program list/link to audio recordings.  These program recordings could yield paper and note topic ideas. 
    • New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) law student membership also is free.  It includes the opportunity to join practice-focused NYSBA Sections, for example: International Section.  This likely will increase a law student's access to this Section's articles, webinars and additional resources.

What Is International Law?

TIPS:  Click here to obtain the BLS proxy instructions for various web browsers.  Based on patron feedback, BLS librarians recommend the proxy instructions for Firefox browser. 

Click here to view BLS Library's sources by subject: International Law and listed "newest to oldest."

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