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Researching Trademark & Unfair Competition Law: Introduction


Summer 2023: Attorney and BLS Library volunteer Grace Pickering and librarian Jean Davis developed this guide to assist students in Brooklyn Law School's Trademark and Unfair Competition course.  This guide focuses on free sources & additional sources available through BLS Library.  Within guide tabs "Casebooks" & "Treatises," books appear in alphabetical order by title.  We will continue to add new resources.  When you access this guide in future, please reload this web page.  

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Trademarks 101

Counterfeits & Scams



Counterfeits and Cluttering: Emerging Threats to the Integrity of the Trademark System and the Impact on American Consumers and Businesses (116th Congress (2019-2020)

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Branding, Trademarks, Fashion & Culture

Fashion Law & Design Books:

Legal News Source Highlighting Trademark Law Cases & Legislative/Regulatory Developments: The Fashion Law (TFL)

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Event: Immersion in Fashion Law and IP in the United States

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