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Administrative Law Research Guide: CCH

Focus: free and fee-based sources

Subscription: CCH Internet Research Network

Fee-based: CCH IntelliConnect (Antitrust/Trade Regulation, Banking, Corporate Governance, Labor/Employment, Products Liability, Secured Transactions, Securities & Tax Material)

Within the BLS firewall, BLS researchers can access components of CCH IntelliConnect licensed by BLS Library.  CCH will prompt a new user to create a user ID. 

  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation:
    • World Competition: Law and Economics Review (2005-)
    • Selected articles from:
      • Journal of World Trade: Law, Economics, Public Policy (2005-)
      • Legal Issues of Economic Integration (2005-)
    • Trade Regulation Reporter
    • Herbert Hovenkamp et al., IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law
  • Banking, Federal
    • Federal Banking Law Reporter, including customizable "QuickCharts"
    • Bank Compliance Guide-Explanations, checklists, agency issuances, federal laws and regulations, organized by topic, plus current developments (1995-)
    • Melanie L. Fein, Securities Activities of Banks 
    • Michael P. Malloy, Banking Law and Regulation
    • John K. Villa, Bank Directors’, Officers’ and Lawyers’ Civil Liabilities
  • Banking, State:
    • State Banking Law Reporter, including charts and current developments
    • State Banking Law Reporter, Uniform Commercial Code, including selected state laws 
  • Corporate Governance:
    • Corporate Governance Guide and "Smart Charts" (comparing corporations in U.S. states)
  • Products Liability & Safety:
    • Products Liability Reporter and case archive
    • Product Liability Desk Reference and "Smart Charts"
    • Marshall S. Shapo and Frederic P. Vose, The Law of Products Liability
  • Secured Transactions:
    • Secured Transactions Guide-Charts, explanations, UCC provisions, state and federal laws and regulations, court decisions (1969-, updated every two weeks)
    • Secured transactions topics "Smart Charts"
    • Official text of Articles 1 through 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, as promulgated by ULC and ALI
  • Securities (Federal)
    • News and Current Awareness (multiple sources, including Insights (monthly))
    • Federal Securities Law Reporter (including transfer binders 1993-2001 and case archive of selected cases 1941-1993)
    • Louis Loss et al., Securities Regulation
    • Joseph McLaughlin & Charles J. Johnson, Jr., Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws
  • Tax:
    • Federal Tax Day and State Tax Day (current)
    • CCH Legislation Newswire
    • CCH Federal Tax Weekly
    • Taxes-The Tax Magazine
    • Federal Excise Tax Reporter
    • Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter
    • Federal Tax > Federal Tax Primary Sources includes:
      • Current Internal Revenue Code
      • Federal Tax Regulations
      • Cases
      • IRS Administrative Rulings
      • Letter Rulings & IRS Positions
      • Internal Revenue Manual
      • Other IRS Publications
    • Federal Tax Archives (scope: 1939, 1954, & 1978-)
    • State Tax Reporters
    • International Tax > U.S. Tax Treaties includes:
      • U.S. Tax Treaties Reporter
    • International Tax > U.S. International Tax Compliance and Planning includes:
      • Joseph Isenbergh, International Taxation: U.S. Taxation of Foreign Persons and Foreign Income
    • Tax News, Journals and Newsletters > International Tax includes:
      • International Tax Journal