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South African Legal Research: Databases

Focus: Sources to support U.S. law students working in a South African legal aid clinic

BLS Westlaw ($)

Treatise: Constitutional Law of South Africa (2008)

Click here to search Constitutional Law of South Africa.  TIP: Use "Table of Contents" link in top right of WL screen. 

African/South African News:

To search many African and South African news sources, follow the path below and then select a database:

Path: Westlaw > Directory > International/WorldWide Materials > Databases Listed Alphabetically by Country > South Africa > Business & News

BLS LexisNexis ($)

Butterworth's Statutes of South Africa + Table of Contents

To search Butterworth's Statutes click on the link below:

LexisNexis® Search

Butterworths South African Constitutional Law Reports (often cited as BCLR)

To search Butterworth's South African Constitutional Law Reports (BCLR) click on the link below:

LexisNexis® Search

African/South African News

To search many African and South African news sources, follow path:

Path: Research Now > News & Business > Country & Region > choose either > Middle East & Africa or > South Africa

TIP: The group files of South African news sources (most recent 90 days, most recent two years) appear under > Middle East & Africa.  The individual South African news sources appear under > South Africa > News.

LexisNexis South Africa ($)

Currently, BLS Library does not subscribe.  UWC Library (South Africa) does subscribe.

See UWC Library: Databases link to Butterworths LexisNexis Direct ($).

BLS Sabinet ePublications: Law ($)

Sabinet licenses these searchable, extensive collections of South/Southern African e-journals (pdf): Business & Finance; Law; Medical & Health; Religion; Science, Technology & Agriculture; and Social Sciences & Humanities.

BLS Library catalog link to SA ePublications: Law

Link to Sabinet's Open Access Journal Collection

BLS Juta Law ($)

BLS Library's subscription includes: 

Digest of South Africa

South African Law Reports (SA) + Index

South African Criminal Law Reports (SACR)

Juta's Unreported Judgements

Constitutional Library (including Constitutional Court cases, African Human Rights Law Journal and South African Journal on Human Rights)

Juta's Statutes of South Africa

Government Gazette + Index

Provincial Legislation of South Africa

BLS researchers: request username/password from a reference librarian or contact

TIP for Apple Mac Safari users: Juta Law functions better with Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Government Websites


TIP: Use SAFLII's advanced search feature to find a case or statute by name or to find cases containing specific keywords.  

TIP: Use SAFLII's list of databases to determine the scope of available decisions for a particular court or to find a case by name.  

TIP: Use SAFLII's LawCite feature to try to find cases, law reform reports and legal articles that refer to a particular case.