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Researching Copyright Law: Legal Journals & Articles

A guide to copyright law resources available through Brooklyn Law School.

CILP Alerts About Newly Published Articles

HeinOnline: Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP) Alerts

CILP indexes material in 650+ [primarily U.S.] legal publications by subject headings.  A useful CILP subject heading is: Intellectual Property.

BLS students, faculty and administrators: To receive CILP email alerts about recently published articles on specific topics, click: Create New SmartCILP UserTo access CILP from off-campus locations: implement the BLS proxy server instructions for one web browser.  

Sources of Scholarly Legal Articles

Repositories that include pre-prints:

bepress Legal Repository 

Includes legal working papers and unpublished/recently published legal articles. 

Use Advanced Search to find articles by subject, keywords in abstract, author and title.   

Law Commons is an open access repository of scholarly articles and other research.  BrooklynWorks (Brooklyn Law School's scholarly repository) is part of this network. TIP: From the main page of Law Commons, view articles grouped by sub-discipline, such as:

SSRN (might require registration to access an article--registration is free)

Includes legal working papers, unpublished/recently published legal articles, and even pre-prints of some book chapters.  

Sources of published articles:

HeinOnline's Law Journal Library and Foreign and International Law Resources Database provide PDFs.

HeinOnline provides published legal articles (articles published in journals and in yearbooks).

(Access subscription HeinOnline databases on campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off campus if one has implemented the BLS proxy server instructions.)

Westlaw's Law Reviews & Journals 

(Click link above and enter Westlaw user name and password.)

Google Scholar, bullet: Articles

If a BLS researcher does not plan to work on campus or in BLS housing: Before searching, implement the BLS proxy server instructions.  Then, the BLS researcher will be able to access more full-text articles in Google Scholar search results.


Content on this page was adapted from Jean Davis, Paper Topic Development: International: Scholarly Legal Articles.

Law Reviews & Journals Focused on Intellectual Property

Westlaw's Intellectual Property Law Reviews & Journals

Note: Westlaw Precision requires an individual's username and password.

Below are lInks to selected legal periodicals focused on intellectual property in subscription HeinOnline database.  In BLS Library's SARA catalog record, click: ACCESS ONLINE VERSION - HEIN.  BLS students, faculty and administrators can access HeinOnline from remote locations if they have implemented the BLS proxy server instructions for 1 web browser.