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Starting Points for Foreign Law Research: Indexes of Articles

This guide highlights foreign law sources available to Brooklyn Law School patrons. Developed by Victoria Szymczak and revised by Brooklyn Law School Librarians

Indexes of Legal Articles

Databases of published legal articles available through Westlaw (example: Law Reviews & Journals), Lexis Advance (example: Law Reviews & Journals), or Directory of Open Access Journals do not include all articles.  Comprehensive research includes reviewing INDEXES to periodical literature. 

To find working papers, unpublished legal articles, and recently published legal articles, search:

Social Science Research Network

bePress Legal Repository  

To find published legal articles on a topic, or to discover published legal articles written by a particular author, search indexes:

Legal Source (Indexes some legal periodicals as far back as the late 1800s.) Focus: Primarily indexes U.S. law reviews/journals and legal specialty publications—also includes legal book reviews.  Indexes some news sources.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (1960-present; searchable from 1985-present) Focus: Worldwide.  Problem: Researchers generally cannot find articles from the current year through this index. 

Westlaw's Legal Resource Index (1980-) Focus: Legal articles published in U.S. + some articles published in Australia, Canada, New Zealand & U.K.

Westlaw's Legal Journals Index (1986-) Focus: Legal articles published in U.K. & English-language articles published in Europe.