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White Collar Crime Research: Statistical Data

Created for students in the Topics in White Collar Crime course.

Statistical Data Sets & Databases, Crime Statistics and Victim Support

U.S. Dep't. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, tab: Topics > pull-down menu of topics: Crime + Research, Statistics & Evaluation

U.S, Sentencing Commission, page of resources on Economic Crime.

$ Statista

  1. Tip: Go beyond Statista's main search box. For example: Tab: Services > Tools: Publication Finder > search: white collar crime sentencing    
  2. Tip: After running a search, refine by tags, such as: cyber crime and financial crime

Some data at Syracuse University’s TRAC database is free. 

  1. Example: one can view TRAC's most recent free monthly bulletins.
  2. Under "Program Bulletins," see: White Collar Crime, with links: prosecutions, convictions.