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1L Resources, Tips and Tools: First Year Basics

This guide describes print and digital resources to help 1Ls succeed at Brooklyn Law School.


Brooklyn Law School's librarians created this guide to highlight many of BLS Library's resources to help you succeed in your first year of law school.  In addition, we created a video to introduce ourselves and a video to introduce BLS Library and its services. Also, you might wish to:

To obtain further information about, or help accessing, materials in this guide, please contact us.

Remember our "Golden Rule": If it takes longer than 10 minutes to find a source(s), ask a librarian for help!

Library Hours


Standard Hours When Classes Are Taught in Fall/Spring Semesters:

Mon-Thurs    8:00am –12:00am

Fri                 8:00am –10:00pm

Sat                9:00am –10:00pm

Sun               10:00am–12:00am

Check BLS Library’s website for hours during reading/exam periods, breaks and holidays.