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1L Resources, Tips and Tools: How Can I Place an Interlibrary Loan Request?

This guide describes print and digital resources to help 1Ls succeed at Brooklyn Law School.

Requesting Articles, Book Chapters & Books through Interlibrary Loan

What if BLS Library does not own a book, book chapter or article that a BLS student needs?

A BLS student can make an online interlibrary loan request to borrow the item from another library. 

Tip: To view holdings of other libraries, search WorldCat (a database of thousands of library catalogs from around the world). 

Steps to make an online interlibrary loan request: 

  • Enter your BLS username (firstname.lastname) and password.
  • Click: Create Request
  • Complete the request form (Article, Book or Other). 
  • After placing an interlibrary loan request, please monitor both your BLS Outlook "In" box and "Clutter" folder for future email updates about the request.

Requests for copies of articles and chapters of books often arrive within a few business days of placing a request.  (Material arrives more quickly if lenders can fill an interlibrary loan request electronically.)  Books can take up to two weeks to receive from a lender.   

What if I have more questions about interlibrary loan procedures? 

Feel free to contact our interlibrary loan department at