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1L Resources, Tips and Tools: Constitutional Law

This guide describes print and digital resources to help 1Ls succeed at Brooklyn Law School.

Quick Links: Constitutional Law

Q: What are treatises, hornbooks and nutshells?  A: Click here for brief descriptions of these study aids.

Selected CALI Lessons: Constitutional Law

The following CALI lessons cover issues typically addressed in a Constitutional Law class.  CALI requires users to log in.  Feel free to contact or to text (718) 734-2432 for assistance.

Casebooks: Constitutional Law + A Free, Digital Collection of State Constitutional Law Teaching Materials

Free, digital collection of state constitutional law teaching materials:

Katie R. Eyer & Robert Williams, State Constitutional Law Teaching Materials for 1L Constitutional Law Classes (Supplement, 2nd ed. 2024) (Apr. 2, 2024).  Abstract states that this material is "intended to be teachable in a single class session, and offer students an introduction to the 'other' constitutions that offer a basis for constitutional claims and arguments, i.e., state constitutions."  

Treatises & Hornbooks: Constitutional Law



Study Aids Containing Multiple-Choice Questions: Constitutional Law

Additional Study Aids: Constitutional Law