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1L Resources, Tips and Tools: How Can I Print, Copy, Scan & Find Equipment?

This guide describes print and digital resources to help 1Ls succeed at Brooklyn Law School.

Copying & Scanning

Copying & Scanning

  • Copiers/scanners are located on the first floor of BLS Library.

  • On first floor: Copying cost: $0.05 per black and white page.  Scanning: free.

  • Visitors who need copies can ask for assistance at the first-floor circulation desk.

  •  BLS Library does not support faxing.


  • BLS uses special software to support printing from laptops to printers in the library labs and journal areas
  • Each student receives a Printing Account credit of $25.00 (500 pages) per semester. The printing cost is $0.05 per black and white page and $0.25 per color page.
    • Use your credit or debit card to add money to your Printing Account by logging in to BLSConnect and navigating to this link. 
  • Current students may retain access to their accounts until August 1st of the year after their graduation. Access for all other users ends upon the termination of their relationship with Brooklyn Law School.

Standing Desks

Finding Standing Desks

BLS Library currently provides standing desks in:

  • Third Floor Computer Lab, Third Floor Subin Reading Room & Third Floor Nash Reading Room
  • Cellar Computer Lab – space 31
  • Additional option in Cellar: walk in through the two double doors, make a left - the standing desk is next to the Bloomberg terminal

Cell Phones

Using Cell Phones in BLS Library

  • Talk on your phone only in library hallways or stairwells.
  • Talk using a low voice.
  • Set your phone on vibrate when using the library.
  • Cell phones may not be used in the library's reading rooms.

Computers, Printers & Laptop Docking Stations

Borrowing Laptop Computers & Computer Locks  

  • Available for loan at BLS Library's first-floor circula­tion deskBLS Library's laptops do not include Exam4 software.
  • A borrower must be a BLS student with a valid BLS ID card.
  • Vice Dean’s Laptop Loan Program
    • If a BLS student's laptop is incompatible with the Exam4 software that this school uses, the Vice Dean’s office has several laptops available for BLS student use on the day of a student's exam. These laptops are available solely for in-person exams and must be reserved in advance. A BLS student can sign out a laptop from the Vice Dean’s office 15 minutes before the student's exam begins and must return the laptop immediately after the student finishes the exam.  Note: Limited inventory.  Contact to reserve a laptop: Simone Clemente 

Finding Computer Labs

  • Cellar Computer Lab, Student Computer Area (near Main Collection in Cellar level of BLS Library).  There is a COLOR PRINTER in this lab.  This Cellar printer only prints single-sided pages.
  • Third Floor Computer Lab, Room 337 of BLS Library.  There is a COLOR PRINTER in this lab.  This Third Floor Computer Lab printer prints either single-sided or double-sided pages.

Using Library Desktop Computers in Computer Labs 

  • Log in with your BLS username (firstname.lastname) & password.

Finding Laptop Docking Stations

BLS Library currently provides these options:

  • There are three laptop docking stations with wide monitors in the Third Floor Computer Lab, Room 337 of BLS Library.
  • There are nine laptop docking stations in the Student Computer Area (near Main Collection in Cellar level of BLS Library). 
    • Laptop docking stations with wide monitors have photographs next to them indicating that they are docking stations.

Printing Release Stations


Finding Printing Release Stations

  • Third Floor Computer Lab, Room 337 of BLS Library
  • Copier/Scanner/Printer Station, 1st Floor of BLS Library
  • Student Computer Area, Cellar Level of BLS Library
  • Fourth Floor Cafeteria