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1L Resources, Tips and Tools: 1L Course Study Aids

This guide describes print and digital resources to help 1Ls succeed at Brooklyn Law School.

Study Aids: How to Do Well/Be Well, How to Study & How to Take Exams

This page highlights sources on how to do well/be well, how to study and how to take exams.  Below (on left) are links to subject-specific study aids.  Please also feel free to consult this Stressbusters guide.


1L Course Study Aids

A wide selection of study aids are available for classes typically taken by first-year law students. Click the links below to view study aids by subject. Many current editions of print study aids are "on Reserve" in BLS Library. You can request these sources at the library's first-floor circulation desk.

What Are Study Aids?

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Study aids are secondary legal resources that cover specific areas of law. The three types of study aids below provide explanations, analyses, critiques and overviews of legal topics in narrative form. Students can use treatises, hornbooks and nutshells to obtain an overview of legal topics and to review concepts learned in Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Research, Property and Torts.

Treatises are works written by legal scholars that cover a specific area of law in great detail. Treatises provide the most detailed analysis include many references to related sources in footnotes and appendices. Treatises can be single-volume or multi-volume works. Treatises are primarily geared toward legal scholars and practitioners, but also can be helpful to law students.

Hornbooks are primers for study. The term "hornbook" originated in England. In U.S. law, a hornbook is a text that gives an overview of a particular area of law. A law hornbook is a type of treatise, usually one volume, which might be a briefer version of a longer, multi-volume treatise. Students in U.S. law schools often use hornbooks as supplements to casebooks.

Nutshells are short volumes that provide simple overviews of areas of law. Nutshells provide few, if any, references to other sources and are considered the most basic secondary source on a legal topic. They might assist non-lawyers and law students. All nutshells published by West include the word "nutshell" in the title. Never cite a nutshell in a legal document.

The library has study aids available in both print and ebook formats.  To view many ebook study aids available through BLS Library, visit Lexis Digital Library.

How to Do Well/Be Well: Guides & Other Books

How to Take Exams: Guides & Other Books