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Career Research: Starting Points

BLS students and graduates: contact the OCPD team

A program conducted by the Career Development Center for BLS students.

  • The Career Development Center counsels BLS students and graduates on job search strategies, how to draft relevant career search documents such as resume, cover letter and statement of interest, and provides advice on how to achieve career goals.  The Career Development Center's website describes its many resources and programs.  

Bloomberg Law: Career Resources

Bloomberg Law's Law School home page links to Career Resources.

  • Career Resources includes BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges and ClerksJudicial Clerkship Resources, Company Profiles, Litigation Analytics (to find law firms that represent specific companies), a People Search template, a collection of Law Firm Research (law firm materials highlighting legal developments to clients) and Bloomberg Law NewsCareer Resources also links to Dockets, a template to find case documents filed with courts. Tip: search Dockets by name of an attorney or firm to learn about a lawyer's or firm's current cases.      


BLS community members: feel free to ask a librarian for help





BLS librarians can show you how to use tools in this guide to research judges, courts, attorneys, firms and practice areas.