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Paper Topic Development: International: Source-Checking Guides

Tools to identify articles, books, treaties, UN documents, jurisprudence and other sources to support an international law paper.

Source-Checking Guides

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation  (Print copies of 21st ed. are on Reserve, KF 245 B58.  BLS Library does not have electronic copies available to loan.)

  • Suggestion for students: Acquire The Bluebook Online - Includes Blue Tips, in which editors respond to questions about legal citation, and Bluebook Updates.  
  • Table 2: Foreign Jurisdictions (provides citation format/recommends sources for foreign legal materials) is publicly accessible.
  • Rule 21.4 = treaty rule in 21st ed. of The Bluebook.  See the BLS Treaty Research Guide.  

Tip to aid in creating cites to scholarly legal articles:

  • After you retrieve the PDF version of an article in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, click: Cite (to view a sample Bluebook cite to the article - doublecheck the cite by applying Bluebook Rule 16).
  • After you retrieve an article in Westlaw's Law Reviews & Journals database, in the Copy Menu, click: Copy Citation (to view a sample Bluebook cite to the article - doublecheck the cite by applying Bluebook Rule 16).

If The Bluebook does not contain an entry for a source, try searching:

Foreign law research guides that highlight key sources of law also are useful:

  • GlobaLex foreign law research guides (click: Foreign Law Research) published by Hauser Global Law School Program, New York University School of Law
  • Foreign Law Guide (General Editor: Marci Hoffman) > in SARA catalog record, click: ACCESS ONLINE VERSION - BRILL.
    • In this BLS subscription database, country entries will provide titles of (and sometimes links to) key sources of law.
    • Access subscription Foreign Law Guide on campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off campus if one has implemented the BLS proxy server instructions.  This database supports a limited number of simultaneous users.