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Paper Topic Development: International: Introduction

Tools to identify articles, books, treaties, UN documents, jurisprudence and other sources to support an international law paper.


After selecting a paper topic, use this guide to find: videos and books on academic legal writing; overviews of topics in international law and international human rights law encyclopedias; scholarly legal articles; international law books; treaties; United Nations documents; jurisprudence; and other sources.

When source-checking an author's article for a BLS scholarly journal, use this guide box: How Do I Leverage BLS Library's SARA Catalog?

How Do I Print Using Pharos? Where Can I Copy/Scan?

Log in to BLSConnect.  Click BLSConnect's menu icon (top left), then follow path: Technology > Tech Tips and Guides > Printing, Passwords and MSFT Office  

How To Print Using Pharos for Members of a Journal

How To Print Using Pharos for Students and Research Assistants

If you have questions about printing in BLS Library, email:

There are COLOR PRINTERS + printing release stations in: third-floor computer lab (Room 337 of BLS Library) + cellar computer lab (student computer area near Main Collection in cellar level of BLS Library). 

The color printer in Room 337 prints either single-sided or double-sided pages.  The color printer in the cellar lab only prints single-sided pages. 

There are additional black & white printing stations in fourth-floor cafeteria + on third, second and ground floors of BLS Library.  All black & white printers at BLS are capable of double-sided printing. 

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