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Paper Topic Development: International: Intro.

Tools to identify articles, books, treaties, UN documents, jurisprudence and other sources to support an international law paper.


After selecting a paper topic, use this guide to find articles, books, treaties, United Nations documents, jurisprudence and other sources.

Tip: To understand how to structure either a law journal note or a seminar paper, consult the highly useful guide: 

Elizabeth Fajans & Mary R. Falk, Scholarly Writing for Law Students: Seminar Papers, Law Review Notes and Law Review Competition Papers (West Academic, 5th ed. 2017).  If desired: this is the West Academic link to purchase this source as an e-book.     

Professor Elizabeth Fajans is Brooklyn Law School's writing specialist.


Log in to BLSConnect.  From BLSConnect's menu, follow path: Technology > Tech Tips and Guides > Printing, Passwords and MSFT Office  

Lloyd Carew Reid, Technology Educator, has created/posted useful guides, including:

How To Print Using Pharos for Students and Research Assistants

How To Print Using Pharos for Members of a Journal