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Paper Topic Selection and Development Guide: Agency Activities & Reports

This guide is designed to help law students select and research a topic for their upper level writing requirement.

Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory & Deregulatory Actions

Published twice a year in the Federal Register, the Unified Agenda summarizes the rules and proposed rules that each Federal agency expects to issue during the next year.  Browse the Unified Agenda from 1995 to present.  Run a keyword search in the Unified Agenda from 1994 to present.

Tip:  A keyword search of the term "brownfield" will retrieve all documents where the term "brownfield" appears. For your result list to be more precise, include the name of a Federal agency or agencies.  For example, the query, "'Environmental Protection Agency' and brownfield" would refine the above described search.

Links to proposed regulations open for comment and to the text of those comments.