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Brooklyn Law School Library: Access Policies


For the latest COVID 19 access requirements, please see the law school's COVID 19 information page.

Library Access Policies

Brooklyn Law School is a private law school. Brooklyn Law School faculty, students, and staff with valid identification cards are permitted to use the library without restriction. Brooklyn Law School alumni have unlimited access to the library’s print resources and limited access to certain digital resources for research purposes while in the library.  During the reading and exam period, access to the library is limited to current Brooklyn Law School students, faculty, and staff.

When asked, visitors must present valid identification to the lobby guard or to any member of the library staff. If a visitor does not have proper identification, access to the library will be denied.

U.S. Government Depository

Brooklyn Law School library is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program, serving as a selective depository for U.S. government documents. The BLS Library became a selective depository in 1974 and holds few government documents published prior to that date. The majority of our collection emanates from Congress and the Judiciary. We have a microfiche collection containing all Congressional hearings, reports, prints and bills from 1984 to date. Patrons who would like to access government documents in the collection should email the reference desk at

Research Requests from Incarcerated Individuals

The library will fill requests for specific materials with correct citations. Due to budget and staffing constraints, requests are limited to one per month with a limit of 100 pages per request. Please list the most desired materials first. In addition, due to licensing constraints, not all requests may be filled. Photocopies and printouts of sources will be mailed to an incarcerated individual’s return address. Please mail correspondence to:

Brooklyn Law School Library
250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201