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Library Supported Technology: Copying & Scanning

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.


The Library has two scanners: a KIC Bookeye Kiosk Scanner (left) on the ground floor and an Indus Book Scanner 9000 (right) in the cellar. Both scanners have black & white and color options, feature adjustable book cradles and can produce searchable PDFs. Scans can be emailed or saved to a USB drive. There is no charge for scanning.

Instructions for using each scanner are below.

A white and black scanner attached to a large touchscreen kiosk and monitor.A large book scanner sits atop a white cabinet. A computer monitor is positioned on a round table to the right.

Bookeye Scanner Instructions (Ground Floor)

  1. If desired, adjust the moveable scanning plates into a V using the metal arms underneath to create a book cradle. (The plates may also be left flat.)
  2. Place scanning material in the middle of the scanning bed.
    • Tip: Some books need to be held open during scanning. The Bookeye will do its best to crop fingers out of images.
  3. On the touchscreen, select scan Material from the inventory (Book, Document, etc.).
  4. Access Scan Settiings using the green gear icon to adjust and define the following:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Color mode (black & white, grayscale, or color)
    • Scan mode (single images, auto split, book mode)
      • Tip: Auto split mode will save the left and right pages of a book scan as separate images. Single images mode will save the left and right pages as a single image.
  5. Once setting are adjusted, click the green Close button.
  6. To scan, press the green Scan button or use the foot pedal.
  7. The scan will appear on the touchscreen. Repeat to scan subsequent pages.
  8. During scanning, edit or delete individual pages using the buttons beneath the image.
  9. When finished scanning, use the Re-Order button to collate or rearrange your images.
    • If desired, use the green Compose Content button to crop or enlarge your scans.
  10. Use the E-Mail PDF button or insert a USB to save.
  11. Finish by pressing the red Exit button.


There is a Canon combination scanner and copier on the ground floor. This machine can only send scans via email -- it cannot save scans to a USB. The Canon can create color scans, but it is only able to print copies in black & white. Copies are charged to Pharos for the same price as printing.

*Note: To use this Canon, users must log into their Pharos account using the touchscreen, even if they do not plan to make copies.

A white Canon copier with four paper trays and a touchscreen.

Indus Scanner Instructions (Cellar)

  1. Using the black bar, raise the glass plate.
  2. If desired, adjust the book cradle by pulling apart or pushing together the black plates until the spine of the book fits comfortably between them.
  3. Use the black bar to lower the glass plate over the book.
  4. On the touch screen computer, find Scan Settings in the upper left corner. Select color, gray scale, or black & white. (Buttons turn yellow when selected.)
  5. Below, select a page layout for your scan: split pages into two or auto orientation (both pages scanned as one sheet).
  6. Find Image Type in the upper right corner. Select a format: PDF, Smart PDF (with optical character recognition), or JPEG/TIFF.
  7. To scan, use the foot pedal or press the green Scan button.
  8. After scanning, you can edit using the Zoom, Crop, Rotate, or Delete buttons.
  9. Repeat as necessary.
    • Note: Settings with be automatically applied to subsequent scans unless manually adjusted.
  10. When finished, email your scan or save it to a USB using the buttons in the lower right corner.
  11. Use the End Session button to finish.