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Library Supported Technology: Creating Polling Events

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

What is a Slido Event?

An event is the primary way Slido groups polls together.  It's easiest to think of an event as a "class."

When you log into Slido, the homepage will display your past, current, and upcoming events. To create a new event, click "Create a Slido".

Screenshot of the Slido homepage. A red square highlights a button that reads "Create a Slido."

Event Dashboard

Once you have created your event, you'll be directed to your event dashboard. There, you can create a poll from scratch or add a poll from a template. If you have an Engage account, you also have the option to create a survey. The different types of polls are detailed below.

Screenshot of the Slido event dashboard.

Creating an Event

When you create a new Slido event, you'll be prompted to provide a start and end date and name.

Screenshot of a Slido event popup window.

  • Start and end dates: the time frame during which the poll will be available
    • Note: these can be edited after the event is created
  • Event name of your choosing


*Note: Slido automatically assigns to each event an alphanumeric code that participants use to access the poll. These can be customized after an event is created, but every event must have its own unique code.

Event Settings

Event settings are customizable and can be edited at any time. To access settings, click the Settings button with the gear icon on the event dashboard.

Screenshot of event dashboard settings.

A popup window will appear where you can edit the event name, adjust the start and end time, customize the unique event code, and copy the event link to share with participants.