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Library Supported Technology: Participating in Polls

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

Sharing Your Event

There are two ways for participants to find your Slido event: they can enter the unique event code on, or they can scan a QR code on their mobile device.

If you are using a projector, you can easily share your event code and QR code with your class. Simply click the Present button on your event dashboard, and a new tab will display the event and QR codes.

Screenshot of the present button.

From the new tab, you can use the control menu at the bottom of the screen to:

  1. Activate and lock your poll
  2. Show or hide the poll results
  3. Adjust settings
  4. Create a new live poll

Screenshot of Present mode

Note: if you activate your polls before entering Present mode, the tab will open on your first poll and the event and QR codes will be displayed on the left side of the screen.