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Library Supported Technology: Survey Settings

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

General Settings

Look and Feel

Customizing survey formatting, layout, and appearance can greatly improve participant experience. To adjust the features below and more, click the paintbrush icon (Look and Feel section) on the left side menu bar. The General tab of the Look and Feel section allows you to customize the following:

Screenshot of the look and feel tab.

Next and Previous Buttons

By default, the buttons that lead respondents forward or backward in the survey are displayed as arrows. If you prefer, you can add text to these buttons, or change them to solely text.

Progress Bar

Progress bars can help participants gauge how long a survey is and their advancement through it. By default, surveys do not have progress bars -- you can add one in the Look and feel tab.

*Note: when used in longer surveys, progress bars can sometimes discourage participants from completing the survey.

Questions Per Page

You can choose how many questions appear on each page. According to Qualtrics, best practice is one question per page.

Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor provides common formatting options for question text. To use the Rich Content Editor, click into a question text and select Rich Content Editor from the top menu bar.

Some common formatting options include:

  • Font type, size and color
  • Changing text alignment
  • Adding bullet points
  • Inserting images
  • Hyperlinks


The Style tab allows you to customize fonts and colors within your survey.

  1. Primary Color: sets color of major attributes like the Progress Bar and Selection Highlights
  2. Secondary Color: sets color of minor attributes like answer choices and next/back buttons
  3. Font: sets the font of all questions and answers
    1. Question Text: sets font size and/or bolding of question text
    2. Answer Text: sets font size and/or bolding of answer text


The Logo tab allows you to add an image to the top of every page of your survey. You can customize the image style, placement, and size.

Screenshot of logo tab.


The Theme tab dictate the overall aesthetics of the entire survey. To access themes, navigate to the Look and feel tab and click Theme.

Screenshot of the theme tab.

All default themes will be listed here. You can see a preview of each theme as you select it. You can also customize and save default themes.


The Layout tab allows you to customize the overall presentation of buttons and answer boxes in your survey.

You can choose between three different layouts: Simple, Flat, Modern, and Classic. Each has a slightly different aesthetic, which you can preview as you click through them.


The Motion tab controls visual movements in the survey. Using this feature, you can reduce the amount of scrolling and clicking a participant must do while taking the survey, which can improve completion rates.

Screenshot of the motion tab.Page Transition

Use this feature to add a dynamic transition between pages. Option include Slide, Fade, or Flip.

Auto-advance on Questions

Automatically moves the participant  to the next question after they answer.

Auto-advance on Pages

Automatically moves a participant to the next page of the survey when they reach the bottom of a page.


The Background tab allows you to choose a color or image for the background for your survey. (A solid background is considered best practice, but images can be used.)

Screenshot of the background tab.