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Library Supported Technology: Microform

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

What is Microform?

Microform is a method of record storage that consists of very small reproductions of printed documents onto film. Microform reduces documents to roughly 1/25 of their original size, enabling libraries to concisely store huge amounts of information. Microform comes in two formats: microfilm, which are reels of 16mm or 35mm film; or microfiche, which are flat sheets of photographic paper.

A microfilm sheet.

A sheet of microfiche.

BLS' Microform Collection

The Library has a collection of nearly 1500 microform documents, located in the cellar. Some highlights include:

Image of file cabinets that hold microform.

Viewing Microform Documents

The Library has a Konica Microform Reader in Rm. C33 that can be used for viewing, printing, and scanning our microfilm and microfiche materials. There is no charge for printing or scanning microforms. If you are interested in using the Konica Reader, please go to the circulation desk or email

A picture of the Konica Microform Reader.

The Library's Konica Microform Reader