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Library Supported Technology: Printing with Pharos

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

How Does Pharos Work?

When a user creates a print job, it is sent to a queue by the Pharos system. Each of the library's printers has a release station, which allows users to access their queued print jobs and send them to the desire printer.

To finalize a print job, users simply go to the printer of their choice, log into the release station using their BLS credentials, and "release" (send) the print job from the queue to that printer.

Black & white and color print jobs are sent to separate queues. As such, a color print job will not be accessible or releasable via a black & white release station, and vice versa.

Release Stations

A computer with a screensaver that reads "Release Station 34" is positioned next to a white printer.

The release station for the third-floor color printer.

Problems with Printing?

If you experience malfunctions that make your print job unusable, please email to request a refund.

*Note: Pharos does not charge accounts for print jobs until they are released. If needed, users can cancel their print jobs by following the steps to the right and clicking Delete instead of Print on the release station. Any print job that is not released is automatically deleted overnight and you will not be charged.

If you are struggling to print from your laptop and don't have time to wait for help, simply email the document to yourself or save it to OneDrive, then log into a lab computer with your BLS credentials and print from there.

How to Print with Pharos

These instructions have been compiled by IT and are available on BLSConnect.

  1. Once the appropriate driver has been installed, proceed with printing as usual.
  2. On the print window, select Lab-Q (black & white) or Color Queue (color) as the printer, then press Print.

Screenshot of a PDF Print window.

  1. A pop-up window labeled Print Job Details will appear -- confirm that your BLS credentials appear correctly as firstname.lastname, then click Next.

Screeshot of the Pharos Print Job Details popup.

  1. Another pop-up window labeled Message About Your Print Job will appear, detailing the cost of the job. Click Yes to accept the charge and proceed to desired printer.

Screenshot of the Pharos Message about your print job popup.

  1. At the release station, enter BLS credentials as firstname.lastname and password, then press Enter.

Screenshot of the Pharos release station login screen. A red square highlights the logon button.

  1. Select the print job from the screen and click Print.

Screenshot of a Pharos release station print job queue.