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Library Supported Technology: Adding Polls to an Event

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

Types of Slido Polls

Multiple Choice Participants choose from predefined options.
Word Cloud Creates a visual representation of the words that appear most often in participant responses, with frequency represented by size.
Quiz A live quiz with a timer and leaderboard. May be graded or ungraded.
Rating A quick method for participant feedback.
Open Text Allows participants to enter their own responses as text.
Ranking Participants prioritize predefined options.

Using Poll Templates

To create a poll using a template, simply click Add poll from templates on the event dashboard.

Screenshot of the Slido event dashboard.

Slido provides templates for different types of polls, including Training, Project Meetings, Feedback, and Classes. You can also select a previous poll as a template. Once you select a template, you can edit and customize its contents.

Screenshot of the poll template window.

Adding Polls

To add polls to your event, simply select from the poll icons on the event dashboard.

Screenshot of the Slido event dashboard.

Once you select your poll type, a window will appear where you can enter your poll question and adjust the answer settings. When you are ready to add the poll to your event, click Save.

Screenshot of the poll window.

Your new poll will now be displayed on your event dashboard. To add another poll, click Create Poll and select a poll type from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the event dashboard with a new poll.

Activating Polls

Once your event is complete, it is essential that you Activate your polls. Activation ensures that all participants can see and respond to the poll. To Activate a poll, simply click the green play icon on the event dashboard. You can Activate your polls live or before beginning the event.

Screenshot of Activation.

When you a ready to close your poll, click the Lock icon to stop (or permit) voting. The three dots in the upper right corner reveal each poll's dropdown menu.

Screenshot of an activated poll.