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Library Supported Technology: Printing

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.

Library Printers

The Library is responsible for 13 printers throughout BLS. Both computer labs have black & white and color printers. There are additional black & white printing stations throughout BLS: in the fourth floor cafeteria, and on the third, second, and ground floors.

All black & white printers at BLS are capable of duplex, or double-sided, printing. Those wanting to print double-sided in color must use the color printer in the third floor lab.

Printing at BLS with Pharos

BLS uses a print management software called Pharos to manage printing. Using a Pharos account, community members on campus can print from their laptop or a BLS computer to any one of the library's printers. While IT is primarily responsible for the configuration of Pharos, the Library's computer technicians provide Pharos support to the BLS community.

Please review the subpages of this section to learn more about downloading and using Pharos.

Printing Stations

Two large gray and black printers are positioned on a counter running along a corridor wall.  Each printer is flanked by a computer monitor.

A black & white printing station on the third floor.