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Library Supported Technology: Slido

This guide provides instructions and information about the hardware, software and platforms managed by the Library.


The Slido logo. The word "Slido" appears, all lowercase, in a green,sans serif font.Slido is a broswer-based polling platform for both in-person and remote use. Please see below and browse the subtabs for more information.

Slido in the Classroom

Slido can be used for the following and more:

  • Running course material assessments
  • Checking in with students throughout class
  • Enabling quieter students to participate and engage
  • Classroom icebreakers
  • Graded or ungraded quizzes
  • Attendance

Slido Features and Polls

Slido offers several different features and polls, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • Word cloud
  • Quizzes
  • Ratings
  • Open text
  • Rankings

Participating in a Slido Poll

To take part in a Slido poll, participants simply go to with a code or number, or via a pre-generated QR code.

*Note: participants do not need to log in or create an account to participate in polls, which makes Slido efficient and easy to use.