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Brooklyn Law School Library: Gifts & Donations

Gifts and Donations

The Brooklyn Law School Library (“BLS Library”) greatly appreciates the consideration of prospective donors. All potential gifts will be evaluated according to the collection development policies of BLS Library. Potential gifts will meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Support the Law School curriculum. 

  • Support the research needs of our faculty and students. 

Please note that the Library is unable to accept all materials offered to it.

Gift & Donation Procedures

  1. Send pictures and information about the materials to the attention of the Director of the BLS Library.  Be as specific as you can about the materials, their size, scope, and physical condition. It would be helpful to know how you came into possession of this object (purchase, gift, found, etc.). 
  2. The BLS Library will share and review this information. 
  3. After we have reached a decision, you will be contacted. 
  4. Note: It is the donor’s responsibility to bring or ship the donations to the BLS Library. The BLS Library does not have any means to pick up books or other gift material. 

Conditions of Acceptance

Gifted items have associated costs that must be considered in assessing whether we can accept them, particularly print books, audiovisual materials, and technology.  

  • Upon acceptance, a gift becomes the property of the BLS Library. 
  • The BLS Library reserves the right to decide the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to the use or disposition of all gifts.  
  • The BLS Library may add gifted items to the collection but dispose of them in the future if they do not meet our collection needs at that time.  
  • The BLS Library cannot supply an appraisal or estimate of a gift's value. Obtaining an appraisal or valuation statement is the donor’s responsibility.